Appreciative Inquiry and the Quest:

An exciting new paradigm for human development and social innovation.

By asking positive questions, we can generate new images of the future

… images evoked by the best of the past and present.

These powerful images …
of ourselves, our organizations, and the world …
can inspire action and innovation.

Philanthropy, as the concrete expression of our “love
of humanity,”
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Appreciative Inquiry and the Quest

A new theory and methodology
of human development

This web site will introduce you to a new theory and methodology of human development called appreciative inquiry (AI). Although AI originated in the field of organization development, it soon became clear that AI represented a new way of seeing the world — a new way of thinking, acting and being.

In the words of its primary originator, Dr. David L. Cooperrider of Case Western Reserve University, AI asks us to pay special attention to “the best of the past and present” — in order to “ignite the collective imagination of what might be.”

Seeing strength and potential

Appreciative inquiry is about seeing what others may not see. It’s about heightening our awareness of the value, strength, and potential of ourselves and others — and overcoming the limits that we impose, often unconsciously, on our own capacities.

One example of great historical significance is the way that Winston Churchill appealed to the beleaguered British people in the darkest days of the Second World War.

Most of us have had glimpses of these possibilities. And yet, the pervasive “background music” of our culture seems to draw us all into a chorus of hopelessness, irony and negativity.

Churchill and many others have demonstrated that we can find signs of life and hope, if only we decide to look for them — and that what we choose to pay attention to has everything to do with how we see ourselves, how we envision the future, and how the future actually turns out.

There is something of wonder we find when we shift our gaze to the vital core that gives life to the human system.

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