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Personal and professional development

Personal aspirations are realized through relationships

It seems that people are searching for new ways of being, thinking and doing that can open the door to more meaning-filled living, personal effectiveness, and self-actualization.

We realize such aspirations, of course, largely through our relationships — through the groups, organizations, communities, and societies we’re a part of.

What the quest offers

The quest offers us a way to meet, respect and value each participant in this adventure for who they are, as a human being — rather than a “human doing.” Our primary purpose is to develop ourselves as people, rather than “human resources” or tools for our organizations.

For most of us, after all, our dedication to an organization reflects our dedication to higher purposes: the ideals that the organization was created to foster. And we hope that our work inside the organization will have a broader impact on the levels of community and society.

Becoming even more capable

That said, we know that people who engage in this process will become more valuable to their organizations — for several reasons:

  • When we’re appreciated for who we are, when we become more self-aware and value ourselves more, our common defensive routines are interrupted, and we become and more open to learning, growth and change. With this new self-awareness, we’re better prepared to lead new initiatives.
  • When we value ourselves more, we also tend to value others more — and that makes them more receptive to us. When we can model for others a positive way of being, and present them with a positive methodology, we’re more likely to get a positive response. So we’re in an ideal position to use ourselves as an “instrument of change.”

So by dealing with the personal, people become more capable leaders. They become more effective catalysts for the development of their organizations — and through their organizations, positive change in the wider world.

Home > Personal and professional development